Gabriel Sedlak is a father, husband, entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, trainer, coach, and author. Having spent the majority of the last 30 years in home-based businesses, he has experienced a little bit of everything. When you see someone's success, all too often the backstory and the hardships are left out even though those are the very things people desperately need to hear the most. He shares personal struggles, the act of self-sabotage, and the tendencies of human nature that hold us back from pushing forward and achieving the massive success that is possible. Over the years, he has dealt with personal ridicule when sharing new opportunities, slanderous false accusations from close acquaintances, extreme unforeseen financial challenges, and the pressure of pioneering opportunities from nothing. All of those challenges added fuel to the fire and propelled him to greater levels of success and as a thought leader around the world. If you get the chance to speak to him, he'll immediately assure you that all the challenges will not beat you as they always come to those that are pressing to achieve more in life. Most of all he'll make sure you know that you're not crazy for believing there is more out there for you!


Isn’t that the background of almost every truly inspiring success story? You know that there is something over the horizon that must be apprehended, so you continue to press on when everything is shouting the contrary. You know your life will NEVER be the same once you get there, and you won’t stop until you get it! It’s these examples, and even more importantly, the incredible victories and stories of winning and winning BIG, that has encouraged people all over the world to follow him and the hope he shares.


If you have ever heard him speak, then the following will be all too familiar to you as he always makes sure that this statement is heard by everyone he speaks in front of.

"I did not pray the many years I did to meet the woman of my dreams only to spend the next thirty years and fifty hours a week away from her, working for someone else’s dreams. All the while, putting mine on hold, and for what? 

I did not have children with her, only to put them in daycare or send them off to school all day, only to see them briefly in the morning and a few minutes before bed. Giving them merely emotional crumbs at the end of each day isn’t fair or what they deserve. That is not the American dream and that is not my dream!

So, that's when I decided to do something about it and I've worked for myself ever since."

~ Gabriel Sedlak





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It is my hope that this book encourages you that success is not for the select few. Success is for those that are resolute of mind and who are able to win the war that tries to rage between the ears. This book is meant to help you get your head straight and "cut out" the nonsense when working for yourself!


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Success is easy when the roots of failure are exposed. THE NETWORK PODCAST will help you realize that you’re not that far off from victory, YOU'RE NOT STUCK, and your dreams are worth fighting for!


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